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Legal Information

Before anything else, the TPNRPG is a fan site. It is made by a fan, for every other Pokémon fan out there to enjoy. With that said, there are some important things to note: Pokemon Crysis Rpg is in no way related or associated with: Gamefreak, Creatures, Warner Brothers, Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Japan, 4 Kids Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast or any other company that owns rights to Pokémon. Furthermore, Pokémon, all 649 Pokémon names, all Pokémon images, and related names used are copyright: Gamefreak, Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Japan, Creatures and it's respected owners. National syndication rights of Pokémon are owned by Warner Brothers. Pokémon the Trading Card Game is copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro. Pokemon Crysis Rpg tries extremely hard to avoid violating "Fair Use" policies of these materials. All coding/programming in the RPG, all designs and images (excluding the aforementioned copyright images) are copyright Nicholas (Shadow). When users register and sign up to the website they agree that they have read all this info. If there any problems with copywrite please contact admin@pokemontoxic.net/ .